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Kai Feng News

Kaifeng Foundation Participated in the Workshop on Education Innovation Cases in the 21st Century Held in Harvard University

From October 1 to 2, Mr. Gan Dongyu, General Secretary of Kaifeng Foundation, was invited to participate in the “Workshop on Education
Innovation Cases in the 21st Century” , which was initiated and held by Fernando Reimers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.The seminar was part of the “Think Tank on Global Education Innovation” project held by Harvard Graduate School of Education. By studying the education innovation cases in relevant countries and publishing the findings, the project aimed to promote the basic education competence in the 21st Century, so as to benefit more students receiving the basic education. As the Chinese partner for the project, Kaifeng Foundation has funded the 21st Century Education Research Institute’s research on the education cases of Qingyang District, Chengdu, which was one of the cases contributed by China to the Global Education project and was included in the education innovation cases by Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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