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China Governance Review Vol. 5 Published

China Governance Review is an academic journal co-edited by China Center for Comparative Politics and Economics of Central Compilation & Translation Bureau and Kaifeng Institute of Tsinghua University. Vol. 5 was officially published in October, 2014. Professor Yu Keping took the theme of “Democracy or Populism”, discussing government of popular consent in China. The theme for Vol. 5 is “city governance”, scholars from Brazil, America and China wrote articles about challenges, theoretical development, policy games and community practices from the perspective of global cities in different regions and development stages.

Articles in Vol. 5 are as follows:


- Special Feature:

Democracy or Populism—Government of Popular Consent in China/Yu Keping

- Themes Discussion: City Governance

Four Challenges for Asian Cities in the Coming Ten Years/ U.S. Anthony M. Orum

The Theoretical Model and Evolutionary Logic/Mao Shoulong

Governments, Political Actors and Governance in the City Public Policies of Brazil and St. Paul/ Brazil Eduardo Marquez

Different Perspectives and the Transition of Social Governance of “Problematic Communities” in Cities/Li Bingqin

World’s Global Interaction and Art Zone Management: Take 798 and Songzhuang as Examples/Zhang Yue

From Disaster Management to Disaster Governance: A Study on Disaster Reduction, Prevention, and Relief System in Chinese City Communities/Chu Songyan, Song Xiongwei and Yu Xianzhong


Governance Theories:

On the Philosophical Basis of Governance Theories/Weng Shihong


Governance and Policies:

China’s Registration System and Its Transformation/ U.S. Wang Feiling

Three Mechanisms to Illustrate the Diversification of China’s Political-Religious Relations/Zhong Zhifeng

Major Issues and Corresponding Proposals for Urban-Rural Grass-level Governance in China Today/Yuan Fangcheng and Liu Hongxia


Governance Case:

The Double Variation of “Public Participation” and “Bureaucratic Control”— An Analysis on Development Clues in the Comprehensive Evaluation of Hangzhou City/Huang Junyao


Academic Progress:

Building Political Reform Knowledge in China, Promoting Political Progress—Discussion Summary of the First “30 People Round Table Meeting of Chinese Politics”


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