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Kaifeng Foundation Bimonthly Salon Focuses Primary Education Development

On October 21, 2014, the 10th bimonthly foundation salon was held in Beijing. The salon was sponsored by China Association of Non-Profit Organization (CANPO), organized by Kaifeng Foundation, and co-organized by China Social Organization Magazine.

The theme of the salon was “How the foundation can play a bigger role in theoretical explorations and practices of primary education”. Leaders from Ministry of Civil Affairs, excellent non-profit organizations, experts and scholars of educational theory & practice got together and conducted successful discussions on China’s primary education development & roles played by the foundation.

Secretary General Gan Dongyu of Kaifeng Foundation delivered a welcoming speech, expressing that primary education matters much to the future of a country and a nation. In the current globalization, diversification, and internet trend, Kaifeng Foundation has always been concerning about questions of future leaders for China and even the world, methods to shape teenagers’ values, developing core accomplishments and capacities for future challenges and implementation the work in educational practices. As a non-profit organization and faced with the status quo & development trend of China’s primary education, Kaifeng Foundation is also thinking and exploring ways to bring itself into full play, participate in educational practices more actively and exert positive influence.

Liu Zhongxiang, Deputy Head of NGO Management Bureau, Ministry of Civil Affairs, emphasized in his speech that the 18th CPC National Congress, the 2nd Plenary Session, and the 3rd Plenary Session all showed us the way for the development of China’s NGO organizations, namely governments, the general public, experts and scholars, and NGO organizations themselves should make common efforts to promote the stable development of these organizations.

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